Socials and Mixers

Ye Kendall Inn is the perfect location for your next social event.

Whether it is a birthday party, bridal shower, or family reunion, we have the perfect space to make your event a lasting memory! 

Hourly and daily rates available for social events.
Venue Specifications
              Kendall Halle                       4500 Sq Ft          45 Ft x 100 Ft          14 Ft Hgt
       Antebellum Courtyard          2160 Sq Ft          60 Ft x 36 Ft             N/A
       Creekside                            540 Sq Ft            45 Ft x 12 Ft             N/A
             Library                                144 Sq Ft            12 Ft x 12 Ft            8 Ft Hgt

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