How to Compliment your figure

There are blogs, Pinterest boards, and magazines galore that all show case beautiful wedding gowns. Most of the dresses you see are just gorgeous and they look perfect on all of the models! So, how do you choose? We believe you should narrow the search by first finding a style of dress that will complement your figure. Here are a few general guidelines!

Figure: Boy-shaped
A boy-shaped figure means that you have narrow hips, small breasts and virtually no waistline! Even though you don’t have curves or cleavage, you are blessed with a trim figure and boobs that will stay where you tell them! When choosing a dress for your wedding day you have two options: embrace it or embellish it!

When embracing this body type you might want to try choosing a floor length dress that will take advantage of your slim build. We recommend a Trumpet silhouette; it has a slim fit around the hips, lightly flares toward the hem and proves that you have nothing to hide!

If you want to give the allusion of a waistline and hips, simply choose a dress that will nip in at the waist. This can be achieved with a fitted bodice, natural waistline (maybe with a belt for added effect) and an A-line skirt.

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Figure: Pear-shaped
Slim top, plus wide hips, equals pear-shaped body type. Flowing lines work best with this sensual, feminine figure! Try a classic A-line silhouette that will accentuate your slim waistline while camouflaging your assets!

Another style you might want to try is a gown with an empire waist. This style of dress has a high waistline, usually just below your bust, and will emphasize your chest while complementing your curves.

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Figure: Hourglass
So, you have sexy curves that even the hourglass is jealous of! The trick is choosing a style of dress that will show off your curves without being overly sexy. Try a slim-fitting dress that will complement your shape and not hide it. We recommend a mermaid silhouette or something with a flared skirt that will really highlight your assets!

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Figure: Busty
If busty is your body-type, then you are the envy of a lot of flat chested women out there (including me)! With a heavy top and slim bottom your two most valuable features are your chest and legs. With this figure you can choose to be a show off or avert the attention.

Choose a ball gown style dress with a sweet heart neckline to slim your upper body and to revel enough skin to be sexy but not so much you find yourself in a compromising position! This style allows you to show off what your mama gave you without fear of a wardrobe malfunction!

If you feel more comfortable directing attention away from your chest try a dress with an asymmetrical hem or with slits to subtly shift the focus to your lower body, i.e. your awesome legs!

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Every woman is beautiful in her own way and the perfect wedding dress is just waiting for you to go and find it. There is a multitude of information on choosing the perfect dress; but the most important thing is choosing the dress that you can wear confidently and that you can’t live without!